What I ate today; Lunch and Dinner

Hi guys hope you have all been well. Today was my first official day back to work and to say it was overwhelming is an understatement….but really it was fine. I survived!!! So, as a treat, I decided to have some pizza. So recently I have been trying to live on a really small budget so when I went to Tesco I bought a pizza which cost 69c. Honestly, I wasn’t expected much from it at all. For the price there was so many large and small pepperoni’s on top which was really shocking considering the price. Once it was done, it really did smell good….but, I wanted to spruce it up.

The weekend before I was in Dublin and for the first time I had pizza with spinach on it. It was delicious so I decide to try recreate it. I topped it with some oregano and a little garlic granules. It was extremely good and I would defiantly make this again. I think the total cost of this would have been one euro, excluding the garlic mayo of course.

On another note I had a sourdough bread sandwich with ham and cheese for my lunch and a packet of pom bears…my guilty pleasure in work!!

Have a nice evening and happy cooking 🙂

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