Life Update; Work, Youtube & More

Hi guys, hope you are all well! So, I wanted to post this mini life update, as I have felt it’s been more then a little hectic right now…well…maybe I am not used to doing alot of stuff after being in lock down for 3 months, but I better get back to reality!

Friday is my first official day back in work but since it has been announced that my store would be opening last week, I feel like I have been at work every day since then. Yesterday I was in my store for over 2.5 hours because we needed to get a new machine replaced. Don’t get me wrong, it’s so good to be back to a normal routine and interacting with other people again, but for me it is a little hard as I know there are a lot of necessary things to prepare for opening and even though we have 3 days to prepare these things, I do get anxiety about small things like this. Working on it though 🙂

Which leads me to my what I ate today, well yesterday post. Yesterday was for sure a cheat day because my husband and I basically had carbs…and lots of them! When we were travelling into work we got a bag of chips(fries) to share, then, since we were waiting ages in work we decided to have KFC. Which in turn has turned into a good idea as I have a lot of leftover fried chicken for my lunch and dinner today 🙂

The next topic leads me swiftly onto food shopping and weight loss. So, we both decided that as of Friday we would get back to our normal eating pattern. As we work such strange hours, we have both decided to just make a big lunch/dinner and that will be what we have for our work lunch/dinner and for me, if I was in late and not opening, I would have my normal breakfast of cereal and coffee….not that I wouldn’t be having a lot of coffee in my cafe anyway. I am still trying to cook or bake a new food item at least once a week and upload it, but once I get into a pattern again I will post another update on this. We each have set our selves a weigh loss goal and, hopefully if Covid has allowed us to travel by then, we each want to lose as least a stone before going on holidays in March 2021. We are travelling to Vegas for my birthday and we are both super excited about it.

I have been recording as much game play as I can for my YouTube channel. I really enjoy watching game play without commentary. I think this stems back to childhood again as 9 times out of 10 I would watch games being played over actually playing them. It’s so relaxing to me, especially watching Final Fantasy play through, I can never get tired of those!!! So far I am a day ahead of myself with videos that I have scheduled but I would like to get at least one week ahead. It’s going to be really difficult but I really want to keep this up as it does unwind me from the outside world.

Last life update is our kitties. We have been trying to spend as mush time as possible with them since we will be out of the house for over 10 hours. It will be particularly hard on our new kitten as he is only 5 months old and very boisterous, usually like new kittens are. I’m going to miss not spending every waking hour with my fur babies 😦

I hope you all have a fantastic Wednesday, stay safe 🙂

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