Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; What I ate today!

Hi guys, hope you had a great day! Today was a very VERY much needed relaxation day. I have feeling a bit weird the last few days. Very exhausted for no reason. I think it was to do with us finally getting back to work on the 21st. To mentally prepare to do physical work again after 3 month lock down seems crazy and somewhat un-natural. But, thanks to my awesome husband, and lots of reassuring, I woke up today feeling a ton better.

For Breakfast … I had a donut….ok, not the most healthy choice but it’s Sunday and it was totally worth it! We took a trip to Dublin yesterday and got some donuts from Off Beat, who buy the way sell the tastiest donuts.

For Lunch … I decided to be a little more healthy after my naughty morning treat and had some Scotch Broth. It was really tasty. I haven’t had the Baxters Broth’s before and when I was sick recently I got really into them.

For a Snack … I had some cheese and crackers. I was feeling really peckish at around 16.00 this afternoon, so I needed something to tie me over till dinner time. Turns out that did just the trick.

For Dinner … I was craving sushi, onigiri to be exact as I usually get sushi on my trips to Dublin but unfortunately they didn’t have the kind that I wanted. I raided the press and saw I had leftover sushi rice, seaweed sheets, some tuna, roasted garlic mayo and some wasabi.

They aren’t the most pretty looking sushi I have rolled but they really were delicious. So much so, I could only eat one. Guess it’s sushi for me tomorrow also 🙂

I hope you all have a fantastic evening and happy cooking 🙂

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