Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; What I ate today!

Hey guys, I hope you had a fantastic day today. My husband and I decided to have a day in the house. I feel like we have been constantly on the go and I feel really guilty for my 4 fur-babies (kitties). Secretly, I’m glad we stayed in because we deep a much needed clean of the house and I was able to record some game play for my gaming channel on YouTube; @NiamhPlays.

For Breakfast … I had for the first time some french toast (without the powdered sugar). I have never made french toast before and have always wanted to try it as it looks really delicious. I wasn’t wrong, it is super delicious. I paired it with some black pudding as I wasn’t sure what else I would put with it, I wasn’t going to attempt to put the blueberries anywhere near this and ruin it :). Turns out, the black pudding goes really well with it and I have added this to my little list of things I must make again. French Toast is really easy to make. Just beat two medium eggs in a bowl, dip your bread in it, both sides to soak up the egg. Heat up a non-stick pan with a table spoon of butter. Then fry the french toast to your liking. I like my toast to be quiet crispy, so I did it roughly 6 minutes each side at a medium heat. I also had a cup of tea with some almond milk.

For Lunch … I wasn’t really hungry after my breakfast, so I just has an apple, some sesame sticks, a few glasses of water and a cup of coffee.

For Dinner … It was treat night!!! My husband made his delicious Chicken curry with some peas and onions. I absolutely love his homemade chicken curry. He makes his with creme fraiche. It makes the overall flavor creamy and yummy!!!!

As a little added treat for us, as we did a lot of cleanings today, I made some mini meringue (which I will post the recipe for soon). As we do not have cream currently in our fridge, my plan is to drizzle over a little chocolate. I will post an updated picture once they have fully cooled down.

Have a lovely evening and happy cooking 🙂

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