Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; What I ate today!

Hi guys, hope you have all had a wonderful day. Today we decided to take a trip to the beach. Recently we have been getting a lot of wind and rain but today was one of the first days we saw our opportunity to get out of the house for a drive. Unfortunately, when we got to the beach, it was worse there than it was in our town so after about an hour, we headed home. It was fun while it lasted. Being at the beach, walking along the sand and looking out at the ocean is extremely relaxing to me. I wish we lived closer as I would go daily if that were the case.

For Breakfast ... I had 2 poached eggs, one of them kind of feel apart in the pan, 2 slices of bacon cooked in the oven and I tried my first attempt at hash browns. When we travel to Las Vegas we always eat at the restaurant called America’s in New York New York especially for breakfast. On this attempt I think I didn’t dry off the potatoes well enough before cooking them, but I have the color down :). I paired that with some natural yogurt topped with blueberries and a cup of tea with some almond milk. Recently, I have started to really enjoy unsweetened almond milk with my tea and coffee. I also added almond milk instead of dairy milk to my chowder yesterday and it tasted just as good.

For Lunch ... I had an apple a packet of crisps and some Periwinkles (since we went to the beach). Periwinkles are a popular seaside delicacy. They are a small edible whelk or sea snail. If you click here, I have linked to the wiki page Periwinkle if you would like to find out more!

For Dinner ... I had the rest of my leftover Seafood Chowder from yesterday. It was just as spicy the second time round as it was the first :), however it still tasted really good.

Have a nice evening and happy cooking 🙂

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