Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; What I ate today!

Hey guys, so as I said in yesterday’s post I wanted to post pictures of what I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think it will help me save money and have less food waste in the long run…and lose some lock down weight :). It will also give me an avenue to look back on to see some options if I ever am stuck for what to have.

For Breakfast … I had Cornflakes with Almond Milk topped with some Blueberries. Today I found out I hate the taste of fruit on top of my cereal :), so tomorrow if I decide to have the same thing, I think I will add the Blueberries to a separate bowl and mix in some natural yogurt.

For Lunch … I was on the go for most of the day as I had some work related commitments to complete, so I had a portion of sesame sticks and 1 apple. Tomorrow I will need to have something more substantial as a result I had my dinner earlier than normal.

For Dinner … I made Seafood Chowder. There is so much that I would change in the recipe as I made the chowder spicy. It was to my taste but I don’t think it should have been so spicy. I will write a post dedicated to the Seafood Chowder for tomorrow.

Have a nice evening and happy cooking 🙂

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