Cooking; Garlic Mushroom Rice with Peas & Spring Onions

Hey guys so I have a recipe to share. It’s extremely simple and it does well for me when I am in a rush and will be out of the house all day and need a quick bite to eat. I’m trying to be more careful with my money and save more, as we are in the process of saving for holidays and projects for the house. So here is a step by step guide, with some pictures of how I completed my meal.

The first thing that I do is add some water to a small pot with a tiny bit of salt. Then I add rice. This time I used 120g of rice as I wanted to make some leftovers for tomorrow (if the weather is nice, it’s beach day!) In a frying pan I added about 2 tablespoons of oil. Once the oil had heating, roughly about 4 minutes on a medium heat, I tossed in some frozen mushrooms and peas (roughly 280g mushrooms and 25g of peas). I personally find it easier for me to buy frozen veg right now, as my husband and I are out majority of the day working and we do like different veggies so I feel we don’t waste as much this way.

In prep for the next step, I chopped a half of a spring onion and pressed 1 garlic clove. I love garlic so I would have added more but at this time I thought one clove was good. Then, once the rice and mushrooms and peas are all cooked, I spooned out the peas and mushroom mix into a bowl. Make sure you keep some of the excess water from the frying pan as it adds more flavor to the overall dish. I then drained the water from the rice completely. If you feel there isn’t enough liquid in the pan, which there usually isn’t, I added a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of oil to the frying pan. I then fried the garlic and spring onion on a medium heat for 1 minute. Once they are done, I throw back in the pea and mushroom mix. Then I took a stock cube, either veg or chicken is fine I used both on previous attempts, and once the stock cube it dissolved, pour in half the mixture to the frying pan. Add all the rice and mix together well.

Next you want to leave that sit for 15 minutes with a lid on a low heatd, keeping on eye on the rice that it doesn’t stick. Add as much of the stock as you want. I usually put in 400g out of 450g stock. After the 15 minutes, take off the heat for 10 minutes uncovered.

As you can see, I like to put the rice into a lunchbox and leave it to cool down. This should last me 2 days, so it’s a nice little bite to eat on the run. It tastes really good cooled down also. It can be reheated if necessary but I feel the rice will become to chewy so it’s not to my taste. Also when it is cold, I like to toss in some garlic olive oil for some extra flavor. Yummy 🙂 I hoped you enjoyed this recipe,

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