Welcome to my blog, a little intro!

Hello to one and all. I have been pondering recently a lot of things in my life, I seem to have some extra time to think about real life being in lock down for the past 2.5 months and I have come to the conclusion one multiple things.

  • Firstly, I decided I wanted to create a blog. For too long I have wanted to jot down my thoughts about life and events but have failed to start it at any given time. Then I thought, what would I enjoy to write about in said blog. 3 of my favorite things of course … BAKING, GAMING & TRAVEL !!!
  • Second, why would I choose those topics and how could I really delve into them. Well it’s really quiet simple. For baking I have decided to post recipes that I use in my day to day life, followed by pictures and a video, which will be uploaded to my separate YouTube channel which I have yet to make. My passion for cooking and baking has been ignited since my husband and I bought our home, so I’m really excited to share some of my favorite foods with you all. For gaming I have two platforms that I would use. One is my Twitch channel and the other is my YouTube channel which would solely be no-commentary game play; Niamh Plays. Every since I was a child, gaming has been something that relaxes me and reveals stress … well, too and extent. Some of my all time favorite games to play are The Legend of Zelda Series and Final Fantasy Series. Last on the list is traveling. My favorite place to travel in the world is Las Vegas. There is something about the city that just excites my husband and I and no, it’s not just gambling !! We have a joint channel where we will post some vlog footage of our experiences which you can find over at; Niamh & Phil Travel Vlogs.

If you have any interest in following me on these journeys feel free to subscribe to this blog and subscribe to my channels as well. I cannot wait to share my experiences and life with you.

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